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John Bedini Circuits, Vacuum Tube audio amps, Vacuum Tube Radio Transmitter at 6.75, and 13.56 MHZ projects.

1000s of Brilliant Inventors, Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, and Business people worldwide are passionately involved in research and development and PRODUCTION of next generation green energy generators that far surpasses any energy source currently in use.


Who We Serve

LIA is excited to introduce our Alternative Energy Technology program! This program focuses on the invention, operation and maintenance of some systems used in Renewable Energy that is superior to solar and wind power.

LIA is one of only a few institutes that specialize in Alternate Energy worldwide. LIA opens up new frontiers in Oregon that are evolving and expanding the demand for electronic technicians in Renewable Energy production.

Renewable Energy technology in this field continues to expand and continues to grow more congested. Our country continues to rely on the competence and integrity of these Alternate Energy inventors to keep energy bills and costs lower. Students engaged in Lablanc Inventors Academy will gain introduction to a wide range of technologies.

Our funding is used to help young and adult students to the Alternate Energy Revolution in our program as well as other private efforts around the United States of America. Energy is considered “The Mother of All Markets”.

We produce training material including video and written publications including schematics, photos and books (instruction and operations manuals) for our projects that we often open source.

Our program provides entry level, intermediate as well as advanced Green Energy Technology projects that gives students on the job training (hands on experience) that they will not get at any school or college in the state today.

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